Payers & Accountable Care Organizations

TreVia is meeting the challenge for payers and Accountable Care Organizations to achieve cost savings in diabetes care and management

Evolve beyond traditional approaches

Payers have traditionally focused on education or nurse call centers to engage members and providers. While this approach works for some very high-risk cases, it is expensive and cannot scale to address the growing diabetes epidemic, and does not meet the needs of the low to medium risk member. Meanwhile, members are seeking convenient access to preventative care supplemented with the tools that help them coordinate their care across multiple providers.

TreVia provides accessible, convenient diabetic retinopathy screenings without a separate appointment and downtime for the member. Members can be reminded of their annual screening and receive the screening at doctor’s offices, medical malls, the hospital, clinics, retail settings, and other convenient locations. We make the process easy and the results available usually within 8 hours. It’s a practical way to empower and engage members to receive their diabetic retinopathy care and be a greater participant in their own care. Starting in 2015, members will be able to get their results through the TreVia Patient Portal.

Preventative care directly impacts the bottom line

Member populations with low risk preventative care screenings, including diabetic retinopathy, impacts payer and ACO profitability and competitiveness at every point along the continuum of care.

Prevention  – Annual screenings of retinopathy, glaucoma and macular degeneration directly correspond to lower costs and the need for future complex procedures.

Outreach ­– Facilitating outreach and making screenings and diabetes care more convenient and accessible decreases the cost of care and improves patient satisfaction.

Care Coordination  – For diabetics, the lack of preventative screenings is the leading cause of blindness and can be life threatening. Member engagement, preventative alerts and care coordination tools across providers and members, is essential to avoiding unnecessary complications and costs.

So, how do payers and ACOs impact the diabetic population in a meaningful way? Many have tried passive, static education like direct mail, newsletters and other means, but have not made a huge impact.

TreVia puts the solutions at the point of care, or where it’s convenient and accessible for the member, with no downtime required except for the appointment time. With our diabetic retinopathy solution we provide technology that screens the patients within 8 minutes and results are available within 8 hours or sooner. Care alerts, results and referrals are coordinated and available anytime, anywhere through internet access. We can also make the information seamlessly available through an EHR or ERH patient portal.