Our Products & Services

TreVia doesn’t just develop the technology and workflow solutions for digital health care, but we also manage other aspects along the continuum of care.

viaexchange interoperability engine
web-based diabetes care management & retinopathy screening platform
modality integration
Cloud-based PACS
clinical & business analytics
professional services

We offer value-based professional services.

To successfully implement a preventative care program that aligns with your objectives and provides the type of program that provides care, you need to make a series of decisions in the right way. We can guide you in this process to make the best possible choices.

We do more than install equipment and software.

From workflow to clinical integration to diabetes population management, we provide hands on support to help develop a value-based experience that is impactful.

We measure to ensure you’re achieving the desired results.

Investing in any program means having a roadmap and plan for improvement. We implement analytical tools so you can sustain your program to ensure you are continuing to achieve program objectives.

We create a diabetes network of care.

We provide a range of services to connect employed and independent physicians, retailers and others.

We create support for your program.

We can work with you to help the payer and employer community embrace your program and efforts — and potentially pursue broad value-based arrangements.

*Two patents pending
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