Proven Results

The effectiveness of TreVia’s solutions is evident in our proven results.

Our customers are at various stages of diabetes health management. Some are currently doing nothing, mostly because they lack the resources, technology or roadmap for change. Others are trying to lay the groundwork and a plan for preventative care alternatives to improve diabetes health management and are thereby seeking significant ways to make a difference for their patients. Then there are the most progressive ones that either want to get ahead of the movement, or have competitive issues at hand that necessitate investments to assure they retain patients and provide the best care possible.  

Regardless of where you fall in this range, it’s important to know this: diabetes preventative care is available now. TreVia’s digital diabetic retinopathy screening platform can have an impact quickly and with a clinical and economic model that will support the goals of the provider, payer and patient.  

Maximize the Clinical and Economic Impact by Understanding Your Diabetes Health Targets

The first step to understanding the right approach and moving forward is identifying the diabetic population that can be positively impacted. Or at a minimum, subsets of this population that can be a starting point.  With that understanding, an organization can:

  • Identify the resources needed to respond
  • Calculate what the impact can be
  • Determine what the goals are over time
  • Plan for how best to implement the technology
  • Organize physicians around the opportunity

Secondly, the organization needs to understand the math behind the TreVia solution and how implementing preventative care—starting with digital diabetic retinopathy screenings—can have a positive impact both clinically and economically. In other words, what is the economic model that will support the organization’s diabetes health management objectives without depleting the economic business that drives margins today?

Case Study with Proven Results

TreVia worked with a customer in the Northeast—a large payer-provider system that serves a population of over 4 million. This organization was trying to wrap its hands around diabetes health management. We started by looking at its insured population and the positive impact TreVia’s solution could have in diabetes preventive care for both the provider organization and in cost savings for the payer. But we didn’t stop there.

After digging deeper to better understand and quantify the financial impact of our digital diabetes solution, we discovered the system simply needed to focus on increasing the capture rate at very minimal levels across its insured population. By taking smaller strides like this, it’s easier to make a bigger impact—improving the quality of life for the patient, supporting the objectives of the provider, and yielding benefit to the payer to reduce health care costs for members and employers. When we presented these findings to our customer, the response was positive: “This is disruptive innovation and we need to do this."

Below are some of the results we helped our customer achieve inside a 6-month window:

  • Significantly increased capture rates within a 1-month window
  • Increased capture rates by 19% - 23% within a 3-6 month window
  • Identified pathologies outside of diabetic retinopathy approximately 15% of the time
  • On average, 18 - 20% of patients have required follow-up care to prevent or address complications and blindness
  • In one payer study, produced cost avoidance savings of $97 per exam or $0.21 per member per month