About Us

TreVia is a health care company that provides cutting-edge technology solutions to the diabetes care industry, resulting in a measurable impact on health care outcomes.

Our History

With careers in the health care industry, David Dyer, M.D. and Jim Higgins have witnessed diabetes grow into a worldwide epidemic, in addition to escalation of eye health issues after catching this disease too far into progression. Their goal was to enable simple, convenient, collaborative care between primary care physicians and other specialists.

In 2011, they founded Physician Referral Network (PRN). Through this innovative company, they designed a technology that would allow the digital transfer of diabetic retinopathy images and screening results between physicians and specialists, with the intent that both could access these images securely anytime, and from anywhere an internet connection was available.

As the technology has continued to grow and improve, so has the company. In mid 2014, PRN underwent a rebrand and changed their name to TreVia, which is more reflective of the company’s mission and vision. Read the TreVia backstory now.

Today, TreVia is providing cutting-edge technology solutions to the diabetes eye care industry, resulting in improved business and clinical outcomes.

Our Mission

To deliver technology solutions that enhance patients’ lives and drive measurable improvements in the access, affordability and quality of health care.

Our Vision

To be the recognized leader in providing technology and service-based solutions that advance diabetic care and inspire adoption by providers, health organizations and patients.

Our Core Values

Exceptional Customer Service. Deliver on commitments and provide frequent and open communications to earn the trust of customers, partners and colleagues.

Collaboration. Foster energetic, cooperative input across all relationships.

Excellence and Inspiration. Be accountable and results-driven to make a meaningful difference.

Transparency and Integrity. Commit to high standards and effective communication. Approach each interaction with respect and understanding.

Innovation. Create innovative solutions that solve real problems.

Value Generation. Work to consistently provide solutions and services that can improve the health of the population we impact.