Our Solutions

TreVia provides a comprehensive solution for diabetes care.

Diabetes care is only successful if it’s convenient, accessible and coordinated for everyone involved, from providers, patients, health care organizations and payers. TreVia’s technology platform empowers the patient and the network of diabetes care providers by keeping things simple, fast, coordinated and collaborative.

Through our solutions, we enable our customers to:
Provide patients with convenient access to exams
Use digital communication in an instant to collaborate among physicians and specialists
Integrate with existing systems and workflows
Implement services using devices already in place
Gain access to results via the internet – anytime from anywhere
Store results safely and securely

Communicate the way providers, specialists and patients prefer

Today, we offer diabetic retinopathy as our foundation solution. What used to be a complicated process is now fast and convenient:

  • Our digital telemedicine platform sends fundus images to specialists who then send the results back within 8 hours or less.
  • A patient can have their retinopathy screening performed in a physician’s office, outpatient setting or even a retail location.
  • Screenings can be completed within 8 minutes without having pupil dilation or other inconvenient processes performed.
  • Specialists can view the image on their smartphone, iPad, laptop or desktop computer, determine a diagnosis, create a letter or recommendation, then send the results back to the ordering physicians, all typically in less than 30 minutes.
  • The ordering physician and the specialist can collaborate online to further evaluate the patient and suggested action steps.

We make it easy for the patient, the provider and the specialist.

Deliver care where patients prefer to go

Not only are we delivering our solutions in clinical settings, but we are implementing our solution in the retail setting as well. Patients no longer have to take time off from work or make multiple appointments to have their screenings performed. Our platform conveniently integrates with devices in optometric retail settings. We can also implement our solution in pharmacies, medical malls, grocery stores and other consumer retail settings – making it simple for the patient to take advantage of these resources.

Experience robust architecture that integrates into existing systems and workflows

Our architecture is sophisticated and robust for even the largest organizations. Read about the key features.

Receive superior service to ensure success

More than a third of our organization is focused on the customer experience. We understand that success often means understanding each customer’s situation and fitting into unique setting to meet their objectives and goals. We have a clinically experienced implementation team that works to optimize the workflow, analytics and results that can achieved. Each of our customers is assigned a dedicated team for implementation, measurement, training and technical support. As the project progresses, the customer is provided utilization and analytics, survey tools and ROI studies.