Platform Matters

TreVia’s proprietary system ensures the highest degree of security, safety and reliability.

TreVia’s technology platform was consciously built from the ground up for telemedicine and cloud computing. Utilizing principles from critical enterprise system design, such as fault tolerance and continuous availability, the TreVia platform is a store and forward telemedicine platform for the 21st century and beyond.

Guaranteed delivery

Using concepts of fault tolerance and continuous availability, the TreVia platform utilizes a clinical channel for all critical communications over the internet.

Safe and Secure

All messaging within the TreVia platform uses traditional and secure communications, including encrypted messaging, secure sockets and trusted domain certificates.

HIPAA Compliant

All interactions within the TreVia platform are first authenticated, using 2-factor authentication (if enabled), and secondly governed by role. All actions and actors within the platform are assigned roles and role access. Further, all interactions are audited and maintained in an audit database for later review.

Rich web application

TreVia’s user interface is a rich web application, giving our users the characteristics of installed native applications, but delivered in your computer browser. Our web app uses a responsive design approach aimed at making it easy to use our applications across a wide range of devices.

Trusted provider network

TreVia’s platform forms a trusted network of local, credentialed, care providers with support from local and national reading centers.

Clinical data repository

TreVia’s platform also maintains a clinical data repository, and coupled with business analytics, allows our customers to measure and show improving outcomes.

Custom EMPI

TreVia’s platform contains an enterprise master person index that correctly matches records from disparate information sources.