The Need

Currently, TreVia’s solutions are focused on diabetes care.

Why does TreVia focus on diabetes?

Diabetes is a growing epidemic around the globe.
Solutions that enable preventative diabetes care, such as a telemedicine platform for detecting and managing diabetic retinopathy, is essential to curbing diabetes-related blindness and improving the quality of life for diabetes patients.

Synergistic collaboration among the diabetes care team and the diabetic patient does not exist today.
Providers and payers are under extraordinary pressure to improve outcomes and reduce costs. Yet vertically-integrated care and cost-efficient clinical solutions are not. Technology-enabled solutions help to coordinate care, resulting in early identification of risk factors, improved productivity, an enhanced patient experience and ultimately, better outcomes.

Convenient and more accessible diabetes care is essential to delivering results.
To thrive in today’s environment, providers and payers are seeking market differentiation and technology-enabled solutions that have a proof of value while improving the accessibility, convenience and availability of quality diabetes management services.

The cost of treating diabetes is growing.
Technology-enabled solutions and services can generate measurable cost savings, thereby having an impact on making health care more affordable.