Government Programs

TreVia’s solution is providing accessible and affordable digital diabetic retinopathy screenings to enhance the lives of diabetes patients. 

The TreVia solution delivers a platform to provide digital diabetic retinopathy screenings that enable FQHCs, correctional facilities, Community Health Centers and other public agencies to enhance the health of the diabetes population they serve. You can easily and affordably detect complications from diabetes, ultimately helping to  improve the quality of life for your patients and achieve public health objectives that are vitally important to all of us.

Our solution not only helps identify individuals that need preventative screenings, but we digitally manage and store the information across a network of care providers starting with the referring physician at the clinic, to the specialists who perform the interpretation. If you don’t have access to specialists to perform the interpretations and provide follow-up care, we can coordinate access to a network of specialists in your area.  

It only takes 8-10 minutes to perform the retinopathy screening, then the image is automatically sent to the specialist for review. Typically within a day, results are sent back to the referring site where information can be retrieved anytime, anywhere using the internet. It’s simple, convenient and fast.

Our platform is modality agnostic — meaning we can integrate with any existing camera that may already be deployed. We also integrate with any existing EHR or workflow tools to incorporate current patient information and drive guiding information from the EHR to TreVia and back, facilitating a holistic view of the patient’s order and results. With the TreVia solution, you no longer have to seek information manually or by contacting the patient. Instead, provide preventative care for your entire population with alerts, access to information for the entire care team, and results available using smart devices, laptops or computers via the internet —anytime, from anywhere.

With TreVia, you can also:

  • Automatically track at-risk patients that require follow-up with specialists and unique monitoring
  • Provide relevant insights at the point of care and with specialists to actually make a difference
  • Leverage our analytics tool to manage the business and identify opportunities to improve outcomes and reach more at-risk patients more effectively

Integrating TreVia into your program empowers your team to better manage their diabetes population while providing convenient access for the population they serve and positively impacting more patients.