Our Purpose

TreVia was founded with one goal in mind: to provide solutions for essential, preventative care resulting in the improvement of health care outcomes. Our initial focus is in diabetes care.

Why we exist

TreVia exists to improve the quality of life for diabetes patients and to make a meaningful impact on society.

Because today’s health care and access to preventative care is fragmented and mostly inconvenient, it is critical to reinvent how diabetes care is being addressed and delivered. And that’s exactly what TreVia is here to do. We are providing the essential technologies, services and expertise through our diabetes care platform, resulting in an improved care experience, coordinated physicians, empowered patients and better outcomes.

Before TreVia, collaboration among physicians, payers, health care retailers and the patient in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy and diabetes care was non-existent. Our solutions help to create a collaborative diabetic care network of providers and diabetic patients, connected through a common technology platform to assure everyone is actively, effectively and efficiently coordinated to mitigate progression and treat the disease. Our approach to diabetic retinopathy screening and preventative care is essential to improving diabetes outcomes and the health of our communities. 

Why it matters

As diabetes continues to be one of the leading epidemics across the globe, health care organizations, payers and countries are under increasing pressure to prevent further growth of the disease, improve outcomes, provide convenient access to preventative screenings, enhance the quality of services, improve the quality of life for the diabetic patient…all while cutting costs in the process. Our solutions are proven to impact these critical clinical and business issues.

What we do today

Everything we do today is focused on addressing these needs. Our current telemedicine platform enables digital diabetic retinopathy screening and preventative eye care including the detection of chronic issues such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts. We are interpretable and modality agnostic. We also provide the professional expertise to help customers achieve success. 

Going forward we will continue to leverage our diabetes platform to extend our solutions and services to other aspects of diabetes care.