TreVia is enabling greater access to high quality, preventative care for diabetes patients.

Diabetic retinopathy is a leading cause of blindness. All patient with diabetes (either type 1 or type 2) can be affected. Diabetes is a systemic disease that affects the entire body including the blood vessels. When the blood vessels in the eye become abnormal they damage the critical light sensing organ in the eye called the retina. When the retina is damaged a person’s vision is decreased even to the point of blindness. There are treatments available that help prevent the retina from being damaged and prevent vision loss. This can only occur if treatment is started early. Once damage is done in the form of vision loss, treatment is less effective. This is why screening for eye damage in patients with diabetes is important. You want to find subtle changes and intervene before there is vision loss.

Diabetic retinopathy screenings are one of the most important preventative care exams that diabetic patients should receive annually, according to the American Diabetes Association and American Association of Ophthalmologists.

TreVia digital imaging is the most convenient and state-of-the-art method available for these screenings. No longer do patients need to have their eyes dilated, wait several days for results and try to coordinate their appointments between multiple providers and care sites. TreVia checks not only for diabetic retinopathy problems, and provides comprehensive eye care across the board – looking for additional problems such as, glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and more.

In the past, patients had to make a separate trip to an eye specialist, making it very inconvenient and often times resulting in missed appointments. Now, these exams are typically available through a primary care physician, endocrinologist, health plan, employer and even retail establishments like a pharmacy or retail vision outlet.

Health plans, Medicare and Medicaid cover most or all of the costs of the exam, depending on the patient’s specific coverage. TreVia can help patients to find a location or provider convenient to them. Click here for more information.